This week my Guest is Gary Gorman, he is a business owner, podcast host, and training specialist. He is a negotiation expert and trains sales teams to agree better deals, contracts, and prices.

Gary tells his story about he moved his in-person training to provide virtual training solutions. He shares his thoughts, apprehensions, and experience on the journey and the lessons he learned. He also discusses how this will influence his approach once in-person becomes available again.

We meander off topic occasionally and discuss the new language and COVID bingo, is it a numb bum, or a bum numb, and was the 80s a good music decade.


1:01 future topic of  future podcast discussed – the similarities and differences between corporate and hostage negotiation

2:36 The fork in the road, where you have to change your approach

3:26 Trepidation about technical aspects of virtual

5:01 Why are you getting in your own way

5:48 I’m going to keep on doing it in the future – blended approach

7:52 Is it a numb bum, or a bum numb – you decide

8:09 What bits do I cut out, what do I keep and what will work

9:17 Shout out to Mark Williams and his company Giraffe Pad

11:24 COVID Bingo

12:56 What demands will there be in the ‘New Normal’

19:41 How can I get online to be experiential

24:42 Face to Face will be more thorough and better preparation

26:17 Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick – Gary’s top 5 tips


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