In this episode my guest is Kate Udilova, Kate is marketer turned L&D expert, business owner, and microlearning addict. Founder, CPO at

We discuss what is micro-learning and how it is everywhere. It is not a fad it is as old as the hills. We look at the application of micro-learning in the world of work and cooking etc and how it can be effective in delivering just-in-time solutions

Kate talks about the science and thinking behind the development of her micro-learning platform 7taps and how reducing barriers to learning was a big driver in the thinking behind it.


  • 03:53 Kate sheds some light on the role of technology, has it changed the way we learn or is it somehow connected to micro-learning
  • 06:53 Micro-learning and working memory capacity
  • 08:45 How it can enhance every learning in moving knowledge to long term memory
  • 11:23 It is not the one size fits all solutions – there are four key areas where it can benefit
  • 13:09 Start with the desired business outcomes
  • 14:39 Good learning is a blend of approaches
  • 16:15 Removing the barriers and providing smoothest experience
  • 21:32 The power of stories in learning
  • 24:08 L&D and fads
  • 25:09 Creating content in a way that people consume information voluntarily
  • 31:30 Distilling it to the essence
  • 34:18 Micro-learning is not the silver bullet
  • 38:05 If it is the correct method, the choices are endless


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If you have thoughts, ideas or insights that can help transform the perception of learning and would like to be a guest on the podcast, please get in touch to have a chat.

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